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Lehman Insurance Agency will be open on Columbus Day 2015 -it falls on October 12, 2015......Our entire staff will be  in and we will be working a full day...if any of our clients needs customer service...just call us on our toll free number 800-339-6415 READ MORE >>

Monday morning starts a new week ....with 2 New employees starting out.....They will be in training for about 45 days but at the same time they will begin to learn customer service such as making a certificate and or scanning documents.....I really look forward to working with them........ READ MORE >>

Normally as soon as we receive your request for a quote, either myself or another member of our staff attempt to immediately quote you with the information that we have already received.  In some cases after receiving the quotes, the customer can call or email us to let us make any necessary changes that they might need, such as add more coverage or change the requested coverage. READ MORE >>